When Mumbai based singer and actor Priyanka Panchal walked into a textile store on her maiden visit to Kerala, she was in for a pleasant surprise! Some of the people recognised her and congratulated her on her performance that completely floored Priyanka. Priyanka plays Princess Aditi in the hugely popular mega serial Kaila sanadhan (Mahadev in Hindi), currently being telecast on Asianet.
She is in Kerala to sing an English song for an international album Forever Yours, composed by Sunny Viswanath. She has also been receiving a couple of acting offers from Mollywood directors. Commenting on the North-South barrier being obliterated she talks about her initiation into the world of glamour. She started off by training in dance on the insistence of her parents.
Later, she joined a per sonality development and acting course when still young and discovered that she had talent for acting which she honed on stage while working in theatre. She became a part of the children’s theatre movement and started performing on stage from the age of thirteen.
Where does singing come in? Priyanka smiles, “My grandfather wanted me to learn singing.” In between she also found the time to pursue an interior designing course. Through all these pursuits, Priyanka discovered that it was acting that haunted her and decided to chase her dream.
Priyanka confesses, “Primarily I wanted to get into films but I also wanted to be confident and knowledgeable about camera angles and get over my fears.” That is how she ended up being a part of Mahadev and Phir Subah Hogi which won her accolades. Surefooted about beginning her innings in Bollywood, she accepted a role in Silent Heroes which is a story about thirteen deaf kids and Priyanka played their teacher which she signed on because the script excited her. She also got a chance to do a bit of mountaineering for the film which excited her.
Her passion to experiment and expand her horizons, language barrier notwithstanding, is what makes Priyanka a candidate for Mollywood offers. Priyanka opines, “I love challenges and especially if it is a new learning experience for me, I would definitely give it a go! The stories here are rooted in reality and I hope to act in a Malayalam project. My inspiration to work in Mollywood is Anupam Kher in Pranayam! If such great Bollywood actors are working in Mollywood, I should definitely work here for sure too!”

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