Actress Kristen Stewart is seeking joint custody of two dogs Bear and Bernie that moved with ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson when he left the house they shared. Stewart wants one of the dogs to stay with her, while Pattinson takes care of the other, reported Ace Showbiz.
“Kristen thinks they should have one each. She’s missing the dogs like mad, but doesn’t want the situation to turn nasty,” a source said.
When the British heartthrob moved his belongings out of Stewart’s house last month, the two dogs were spotted in his truck.
“He showed up early in the morning in a big red pickup truck and was in the house for maybe 30 minutes. When he came out, the back of the truck was loaded with stuff. Suitcases, a bike, trash bags full of his things,” the source added.
The couple’s split in May was not the first time. Shortly after the release of Snow White and the Huntsman, Stewart was spotted with Rupert Sanders, which led to her split with the Bel Ami actor.
The couple, however, rekindled their relationship later. While the duo successfully mended their relationship at that time, the movie director’s wife, Liberty Ross, asked for divorce.
Stewart and Pattinson reportedly had a huge argument later around the actor’s birthday over disloyalty.

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