Guess which Indian film leaves Hollywood action-comedy star Jackie Chan bursting out in guffaws? It’s 3 Idiots.

Mr Chan, who is in Delhi today to attend the China Film Festival, is a fan of the Aamir Khan film that broke records at the Hindi film box office.
The actor said he also want to do an Indian film and is “looking for a good script”.
“We are here for collborations,” said Mr Chan, who will also be touring India with his musical, My Life In action.
But he wants Bollywood to cast him for his histrionics and not for his Kung Fu.
“Give me a role for my acting and not for my action. I am a pretty good actor,” he quipped.
However, an admitted failing might just keep him from scoring a masala movie this side of the Great Wall of China.
“I so want to use Indian choreography, but sadly I can’t dance,” Mr Chan said.
Jokes apart, Jackie Chan hopes to see a joint film venture between India and China soon.
“We need good Indian writers to write about China and Chinese writers to write about India. We need a good producer to make a good Indo-Chinese film,” said the actor, who arrived for the press conference well ahead of time, unlike many Bollywood stars.
The actor, who is also ready with his new flick Chinese Zodiac which he directs as well as stars in, also said he was waiting for the script of The Expendables 3, the third installation of the hit films featuring an ensemble cast of senior action stars including Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. “Will ask Stallone if I am in or out,” Mr Chan said.
The veteran, who is on his third trip to India, said he was upset that “India just doesn’t promote its films.”
And here’s an indication of what delicacies he’ll be sampling while he’s here. His favourite New York restaurant is Bombay Palace and he loves “biryani and poppadums.”

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