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Thread: Intestinal Cleansing. Fujita Lactose.

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    Fujita Lactose-S

    Under the hectic modern lifestyle, our health is often compromised due to consumption of unhealthy food. Undigested food turns into waste matter, which in turn accumulates and adheres to the intestinal walls. As a result, it will interfere with the absorption of nutrients by our body.

    Fujita Lactose-S is a 100% natural health supplement to help in maintaining clean and healthy intestines. It contains 1 billion friendly bifidus bacteria as well as other types of good bacteria to maintain an ideal acidic environment for retarding the proliferation of bad bacteria. The lactose content also helps increase the balance of good bacteria in the intestines to a healthy level. Furthermore, its fermentation will release carbonic acid gas to gently enlarge intestinal walls and stimulate peristaltic movements, thus helping to expel stubborn waste from the intestines.

    Fujita Lactose-S is also symbiotic. In other words, it contains both prebiotics and probiotics, thus helping to promote good intestinal flora and better intestinal health. Besides, it contains dietary fibre, oat extract and vitamin C and it is an effective slimming aid.

    Cost: SGD38.9 (Membership price)
    or INR - 1,796.50
    Comes with Yoghurt or orange flavour 3 packs
    (Excluding delivery)

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