The truism about success making all the difference seems to have come true in actor Siddharth’s case. His recent release, Theeya Velai Seyyanum Kumaru, directed by Sundar. C, has been a huge hit, and Sid seems to be a changed man these days. It was the first time that the star was meeting the Chennai press. He was open to any questions and replied politely with a smile. “People say that I have changed these days. All credit goes to Sundar. C and his approach towards anything in life. After my mentor, Mani Ratnam, I have learnt a lot from Sundar sir,” he said. “I never felt the pressure of working in a film while shooting TVSK, which is a positive milestone for me. It was total fun, and felt as if I had gone on a jolly tour.” Reacting to a query on his favourite heroine, one with whom he had worked, he said, “My first heroine, Genelia. I am happy for her, for the journey she has made from being actor to today a cheerful married woman.”
And what did he have to say about all the gossip, linking him with his heroines, what with his being the namesake of Buddha (Siddharth)? “He was Buddha only after he got enlightenment,” the actor shot back. So, who was sweeter, Hansika or Samantha? “Undoubtedly, Samantha is the sweetest,” he said, adding quickly, “because she speaks Tamil. Hansika is also sweet.” Where did marriage figure? “I really want to marry, but I am too busy with work and there is no time for marriage just now,” Siddharth said.

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