As Sonam Kapoor and the team of 'Raanjhanaa' plan to capitalize the success of their film and make plans of what needs to be done ahead, they get interrupted by someone... Guess Who??? It is none other than - the proud daddy of Sonam who feels it is time for the entire team to celebrate.

Anil Kapoor is so happy with the grand opening that the film has made that he threw an impromptu party at his residence on Saturday and Sunday night for the entire team. We heard that the daddy dearest has been getting calls congratulating him for the extraordinary performance of his daughter Sonam.

Confirmed a spokesperson, "Anil loved Ranjhana himself. He was impressed by Sonam's growth as an actor. He was indeed a proud daddy." Sonam's work in 'Raajhanaa' is being loved by all. It can be noted that her character goes through a transformation in the second half and she has managed to put up an amazing show.

With Dhanush playing the lead along with Abhay Deol, 'Raanjhanaa' released on 21st June.

Sonam Kapoor more stills

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