Thanks to Balaji and Milan Luthria, the popular song "Tayyab Ali" which generated waves years back will now be heard again starring Imran Khan. With the fresh pair of Imran and Sonakshi recreating the same essence done by Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh in seventies, the new version has created a great buzz already. If one remembers; when the original number was shot, there was a ladder which was used as a prop in the song.

Interestingly, the same ladder is used again in current Imran's track, that has been named as "Tayyab Ali Dobara". Our sources revealed that Rishiji climbed that very ladder for the first time and now, Imran will be seen climbing the same ladder in the new version of the song.

Apparently, the makers have tried to use the original flavour of the song by adding some interesting elements. While Imu plays a Muslim character for the first time in 'Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara', it's going to be a treat to watch the actor performing a qawali for the very first time as well. Keeping in mind the theme of the song, the makers chose the famous Mohammed Ali Road as the location to launch the song - that was held yesterday. Earlier the song was going to be launched mid-July.

However when the makers approached Imran for dates and shared the idea... Imran requested them to pre-pone the launch of the song. He made this request as on 10th July Ramzaan starts and hence it would not be apt to launch the song at that point in time. During Ramzaan most religious ones concentrate utmost attention on fasting and praying. Infact it is also considered a junaah to enjoy oneself, Imran explained.

The young star drove the point home ensuring the song gets launched prior.

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