Team India did not want to play the 20-over final of the Champions Trophy against England because of the incessant rainfall which curtailed the game, it has emerged.

Eventually they were forced to agree after the ICC's technical committee imposed its decision on MS Dhoni and company.

According to sources in the Indian cricket board (BCCI), the team management even registered a protest with the International Cricket Council's (ICC).

"In the end, the team had to agree to ICC's wish. It's after all an ICC tournament but you can't change the rule after you have made one," a top BCCI official told TOI.

When ICC representatives first approached the Indian team to play a 20-overs-a-side game, the suggestion was rejected by the team. The team management referred to the playing conditions and pointed out how, according to the ICC, the trophy would be shared if the match was not possible within the scheduled time.

With no reserve day in place, the ICC then went back to its technical committee and took a decision to go ahead with the final by extending the match by an hour, much to Team India's discomfort.

Sources said the main contention of the team was that since they were mentally prepared for a 50-over match, it would not be proper to suddenly get into T20 mode, especially when the rulebook suggested otherwise. Weather conditions too seemed hostile.

"Luckily, the youngsters were brilliant. But the match could have gone either way and the management wasn't ready to compromise by playing a shortened match," sources said.

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