Mollywood has seemed to over come the aversions for its item numbers, popping out at some point of the narratives. And now, the most unexpected of the directors to have some in his plots, Blessy will have his new controversial movie 'Kalimannu' filled with three item numbers featuring his heroine Shwetha Menon.

While one among them will also have Suniel Shetty in the frames, the other two will come up in some points of the film with Shwetha Menon dancing to the tunes. Blessy maintains that all the three songs are crucial to the plot that he is telling in the movie. 'Kalimannu has already hogged highlights of the shots of a real delivery scene and now, with the posters featuring Shwetha Menon in a bare pregnant stomach.

Kalimannu movie More stills

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