"He is a gentleman. The more you get to know him, the more you will grow fond of him." - that's the first thing that comes from Nayanthara, at the mention of Ajith, who are sharing the screen with each other for the third time. The actress, who did not reveal the type of role that she is playing in this movie, assured "It will be a treat to watch all the actors in the film.

Multistarrers are a rarity here in Kollywood, and this is bound to garner impressive audience." Speaking on the team, she said "The two main reasons that convinced me to work on this project are Ajith and Vishnuvardhan. The director is a pleasure to work with, as he always provides scope for the actors, on the set. As for Ajith, he is an inspiring company. He fills the sets with positive vibes. He doesn't care even if he is ill, and walks the extra mile, no matter what, to deliver nothing but the best."

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