Ways to improve your relationship with your kids are:

1.Be supportive and encouraging:
However tough times there are, always be a strong support for them and encourage them in whatever they do. Academics, sports, extracurricular activities, it can be anything.

Talking with your kids is the be all and end all of everything. Their joys, sorrows, worries, problems, everything can be shared by you. Donít ever hesitate to talk to them about anything under the sky.

3.Share their excitement:
The best thing that kids like is that their parents are as much interested in their life as they are. If they win a swimming competition, be there to share that excitement.

4.Share common interests:
You probably know what interests you share with your children. So take it a step further and do those things together go for walks, paint together or watching movies.

5.Be good listeners:
Kids do love to talk and they can go on for hours on end. But doesnít this endless chatter make you smile. It also makes your kids happy. So, go on and listen to every small thing that they want to tell you.

6.Be a part of their activities:
You should learn more about what events, competitions they are participating in at school and make it a point to be present at those events. Kids love the feeling that Ďmy parents are there for me at all times.í

7.Create unique memories:
Memories are the best part of relationships. These memories also help to strengthen your bond with your child. Hence, make it a point to create the best of memories. You could do different things with your kids like trekking, camping, adventure outings and the like. The more family time you spend together, the better you get to know your child.

8.Be best friends, instead of being strict parents:
Being best friends with your child is the best part of parenting. Assert your rules. But the times when the rule game is not mandatory, develop a strong bond that bends more towards friendship rather than parenting. Let them know they can lean on you anytime.

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