Kangana Ranaut, Bollywood's poster-girl for high street fashion, is currently in Milan, as she plans to dress-to-kill while promoting her upcoming projects - 'Queen' and 'Krissh 3'.

The versatile actress and style icon travelled to the fashion capital of the world recently, to shop for her public appearances while promoting 'Queen' and 'Krissh 3' as the new Fall Collection will be introduced.

Said a source, "While Kangana's friends and family are urging her to pick outfits from her current collection,the actress is very keen on reinventing her wardrobe with the latest in Milan fashion for which she decided to travel there this month where her friends from LA and London will join her".
Confirming the news said Kangana, "Yes fashion and styling really excite me since I'm an unconventional dresser...Milan is the best, most ideal place to shop and I try to make a trip there every year. I can't wait to pick up some great stuff."

Kangana More stills

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