1.Spend time with your child:
To take care of a child and start spending plenty of time with your children. A solution of a lot of your childís problems is simply giving them a ear. Be ready to listen to the silliest of things.

2.Donít force feed them:
Mothers should understand their eating habits, what they like and donít like, what they are allergic to, and then prepare meals for them accordingly.

3.Enforce basic hygiene:
Be a little stern with them if required, but teaching them things like washing hands, using the toilet properly, cleaning up after playtime, proper table manners is critical.Taking care of them doesnít just mean pampering them.

4.Set a proper sleep cycle for them:
You need to do is put he/she to bed early and wake her/him up an hour before she/he leaves. Even if she/he doesnít feel sleepy, just set a sleep cycle for her/him.

5.Call the babysitter once in a while:
Going overboard with the babysitter is not the way to go, but exposing kids to the concept of a parent not being around is important too.Overprotecting children by staying with them 24◊7 wonít make them independent and ready for the real world.

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