Easy Wi-Fi is a simple but powerful tool to make your Windows 8 PC into a Wi-Fi Hotspot easily and quickly. It can also connect your PC with different devices that have WLAN. It's also compatible with Windows 7/Vista.

Change Internet Connection Sharing (ICS):

1. To share existing internet connection check the "Change Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)" checkbox. After clicking on the "Save Changes" button the "Network Connections" window appears. You can also get it from "Settings>Change ICS".
2. Select a previously existing network connection and go to properties. In the "Sharing" tab select "Easy Wi-Fi" to share your internet connection via this software. The following figure shows how to share internet connection of "Ethernet".

1. To connect other WLAN devices (Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone) hassle free, first go to the "Create/Modify" tab then input the "Network Name (SSID)" & "Security Key" and click on the "Save Changes" button.
2. If something going wrong/unable to connect WLAN devices, just click on the "Settings>Refresh".

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