Finish with toddler essentials such as potty training, weaning from breast feeding (if she is more that 18 months old) or the feeding bottle.

Inform your little one about the new baby’s arrival at least 6 months in advance. Explain to her about the new baby’s behaviour such as fussing, crying etc.

Do not forget that she is still a baby too. Get her something special and offer it as a gift from her new brother or sister. This is an extra step in reassuring her about the love her new sibling offers.

When the baby bumps start to show, your little one should not get baffled. Allow her to touch your belly, let her feel the baby’s movements.

Leave her with caretakers or grandparents for short durations. This will help when you are at the hospital for a couple of days during delivery and also when you need some extra time off.

Get a new crib for the baby if your little one still loves to sleep in her old one. Do not expect her to share her things with the baby. At least when the baby first arrives.

Read her books about babies or siblings caring about babies. If you or your husband have siblings, show her your childhood photos, where you and your siblings are having fun. This way she’ll understand that having a new brother or sister is actually fun.

Take your toddler along with you for the prenatal check-ups. This way she’ll be familiar with the hospital where you’ll deliver.

Take her to relatives or friends who have 2 or more children, so that she sees what a larger family is. Allow her to touch or mingle with children younger than her. Remind her to be very gentle.

While decorating the new baby’s room, allow your toddler to help too. Take her help in arranging the crib, selecting baby blankets and pillows. Shop with your child when you are selecting dresses or toys for the newborn. Allow her to pick a few toys. This is one step in creating a bond with the new baby.

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