Film stars always compete with each other in terms of acting. This is proved wrong and something different is happening between Mamta Mohandas and Remya Nambeesan. They are competing each other at the 60th Filmfare Nominees for the Best Female Singer category. Both Mamta and Remya have proved themselves a good singer with their first song. Mamta made her debut as a singer with the Telugu song 'Daddy Mummy', which later got its Tamil version also. The song was a superhit. She got her first Malayalam song 'Njan' in her own flick Anwar. The movie had Prithviraj playing opposite to her. This peppy number also was a hit. She also sang 'Priyankari' in the movie Thriller. Remya Nambeesan's first song was a folk one 'Andilonde' from the movie Ivan Megharoopan, which was again a superhit. After that she was loaded with songs and all of them did well. Of these, 'Vijana surabhi' from Bachelor Party, 'Muthu chippy' from Thattathin Marayathu firmed her career as a singer. She also sang for English and Up And Down. Mamta is nominated for her song 'Iravil viriyum poo pole', the Syamaprasad movie Arike, while Remya is nominated for her song 'Andilonde' from the movie Ivan Megharoopan, directed by P Balachandran. Now we have to just wait and see who will win the best female singer award at the 60th Filmfare Awards.

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