South Superstar Kamal Haasan's daughter Shruti Haasan who debut in Bollywood with 'Luck' is back with two releases in the same day - 'Ramaiya Vastavaiya' and 'D-Day'. BiZHat caught this beautiful actress and chat on her upcoming release.

Tell us about your character and about the film?

It is a very sweet love story. The character I am playing is very naive innocent kind off, pure village girl. Then comes a guy who is from completely different world and how they both fall in love together. I am playing Sona. She is very innocent, very naive. Her world is her brother, fields and very simple. With a friend she goes to place which is completely different from she belongs. Then she meets this guys who is completely opposite and you never expect these two to fall in love.

How was working with Prabhudeva?

Very good. And also it is the movie he made in Telugu which was a blockbuster. I have a good feeling about it. As a director he is very clear what he wants. Today's love stories are contemporary. How it is connect? I think Indian cinema has grown up on the eternal love and all. Even if you see the contemporary love story they kind of promise the eternal love. Yaa I think people will connect because it is a very simple love story about a guy who can do anything to get his girl. That's the thing anybody will relate to.

Sceptical about this film as it is a Girish launch and you will be side-lined? No the whole film revolves around Sona actually. It is about the girl and the story is about the guy's making way into this girl's heart and her world. So it didn't concern.

How you are in your personal life?

I believe in marriage. Defiantly I do but I don't know with whom.


I haven't really thought about it. I am personally living alone. Living in is a big question you know. My mum lives 2-3 streets away from me. I am living alone for many years now. I am independent. I lived in US alone. I like my apartment, my bedroom, my kitchen. So living in is no question. I can't imagine letting someone in it right now.

Are you getting any kind of dad support?

Professionally there is no support. We both prefer if I do it myself. Personally definitely he is an inspiration the way he deals with his career. Till today the hard work the dedication. He has the same enthusiasm which a new comer has so that's very inspiring.

What you did last 2 years?

Being very busy in the south predominantly. I have being doing Tamil, Telugu films and was doing pretty well so I was very happy. It was never a Bollywood or Tollywood. I grew up in multi-lingual home so for me it is always Indian cinema. My dad, my mum they both worked in different languages. My mum has done Hindi, Gujarati then Telugu. Even my dad did Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu. For us it is not just one industry it is being a part of Indian film industry.

Are you eyeing Hollywood?

Hopefully. Now there is not any feeling that it is not possible and far away.

Which place is more close to you?

I don't look at it in that way. The audiences have accepted me in different region different places so that is important to me. I don't feel more connected or less connected. I was born and brought up in Chennai. But I predominantly worked in Hyderabad. I live in Bombay now so I have different connection with different place.

There is always a comparison of you with your dad?

Do you pay attention to such controversies?

I don't because... no there is nothing to compare me and my dad. Because he is my dad the comparison comes but in south not even a 30 year actor is compared to him why would you care. There is no comparison. In 3 it was very nice character. People appreciated my worked that was important to me. I am not paid to listen to people's rumour I am paid to act.

If not acting then what else?

You know everyone says I want to become director. It is easy to be a director but it is very difficult to be a good director. I haven't thought about it. I like writing though. This is something I am loving at.

Are you writing films?

May be. Right now I have too much on my plate.

How is Kamal Haasan as a father? How do you look at your dad as a director?

He is a very encouraging dad. We have not done anything together professionally except Necheru..... Which I has done the music. He is like any other people's dad. I think he is a good director. He is being an actor so as a director he knows what an actor thinks.

Your dad direct and you act?

Not in a near future. Maybe in the future but not at this moment.

For acting do you follow your dad?

I don't follow. Nothing as an actor I take both from my parents. I think I have learnt from their experience otherwise nothing....Because I don't relate to it. I am a young girl. I am making my own voice why would I sound like somebody else.

Was it your childhood dream to become an actress?

I always wanted to become actress but I always thought I am too ugly to be an actress. I was always in the sport, in the sun and always running around. So I always thought. Heroines are so beautiful how I will be that beautiful. But I always wanted to be in entertainment business. I always wanted to act, sing and be a part of it

Both of your film Ramaiya Vastavaiya and D-Day releasing on the same day?

It is good. It just so happened. I am happy that they both are pole opposite films. For me both the character are so different from each other. In a weird way it is nice that both the films are coming on the same day. It just shows the range.

Your character in D-Day?

I am playing a commercial sex worker in the film. It is the most intense character of the film. Happy that Nikhil thought I could play it. It is, also very pivotal to the film. It is very intense and dark character to play. In type beginning I asked Nikhil why you want me do this character and he really liked my 3 and that's why he wanted me to shoot the part.

Your limitation as an actor?

It is not bold. Bold is how you perceive it. I don't want to have any limitation as an actor. I think you have to be totally uninhibited. I am learning to do that with each of my film. Be shameless about my performances and give audience whatever I can.

While signing any movie what are the factors you keep in your mind?

The character, the team basically the director his/her vision is important. You know when a good production and good cast and if the director is not sure then it does not work.

How much you are satisfied with your journey?

It being a kind of different journey. It is not a conventional journey of a star. I have never being a conventional person. My journey has taught me a lot. It's being success, failure. They both taught me a lot. It's my journey and hopefully will return more colourful.

Do you understand business of cinema?

Do you believe in 100 cr club? 100 cr is also there south down. Gabbar Singh in Telugu (Hindi's Dabangg) is the biggest hit past 20-30 years. That was the huge to have a 100cr cinema in your belt. That is not why I became an actor. Then I would have being a producer or distributor. I became an actor to give whatever I can to the character.

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