Shades of grey lining your forehead might be something to be proud of for many, but showing off grey hair in your 30’s or even in your early 40’s is something you wouldn’t want to do. It is simply not fashionable. Dyeing your hair with chemicals is one way to cover that up, but you know they will simply reappear when the dye fades off and there are lots of harmful side effects attributed to chemical dyes.

Is there a permanent solution to this? Or even better, is there any way we can prevent premature graying from happening to us?

Thankfully Ayurveda has a solution. As in everything else, Ayurveda gets down to the root of the problem to cure it or prevent it from occurring. Before we get down to this, we should know a little something about Human Hair.

Black is the most common hair colour found in humans universally and needless to say it is the predominant hair colour of people originating from the Asian and African parts of the world.

Fading of natural hair colour occurs when people grow in age. Known as Achromotrichia or the loss of pigment in the hair, this condition will occur to all of us as we grow old. But what happens when graying occurs much earlier?

Then it is called premature graying. This occurs because Melanin, the pigment that gives our hair its colour, starts decreasing. Premature graying can occur due to a lot of reasons:

A bad diet
Being a smoker
Genetic causes
Environmental pollution
Stressful lifestyle
and the use of synthetic hair care products.

Nurturing our hair with the necessary nutrients will not only boost the health of our hair but will also help in greatly delaying the process of hair graying.

Ayurveda considers premature graying as an imbalance in the constituents of the body. It falls under the PITTA dosha treatment module of Ayurveda.

In the traditional Ayurvedic texts, there are mentions of herbs that help prevent premature graying. Vayodha hair care oil is constituted with these natural ingredients which have been formulated methodologically, so as to yield its maximum medicinal value.

Using Vayodha will naturally check the possibility of premature graying and will give dark colour and strength to each hair strand. And the natural ingredients in Vayodha, will also help prevent hair fall and dandruff.
Vayodha hair care oil, Stay young…Naturally!

Natural Medicinal Ingredients of Vayodha Hair Care Oil:

Mailanchi (Mehndi/Henna): (Lawsonia Inermis)

Henna has been used to colour hair for 6,000 years. In Ancient Egypt, Henna was known to have been used. It was commonly used for many centuries in areas of India, the Middle East, and Africa. The only reason why it has been in use for ages is because of its positive natural benefits and the lack of any side effects.

It slows down premature graying, adds shine and stimulates hair growth by blending with the natural proteins found in the hair.

This herb is a medicinal wonder, as it is a cure for a lot of problems that inhibit the human body. Ayurvedic texts emphasize on the use of this herbal ingredient to boost the health of your hair. It strengthens the roots of the hair, makes hair darker, reduces premature graying. Yashtimadhu prevents premature graying of hair and improves the overall texture and luster of the hair.
Bringaraj/Bringha: (Eclipta Alba)

Bringha is the most distinguished herb as far as Hair growth is concerned. It is widely used to treat hair loss and other hair related problems. In the Vayodha Hair Care Oil, it proves beneficial as its increases the melanin content of the hair and thus prevents hair from graying prematurely.
Jatamansi: (Nardostachys)

Jatamansi herb, one of the most cherished herbs in Ayurveda, is known for its rejuevenating and calming effects on the mind. It is also an effective tonic for hair, and is greatly beneficial for preventing graying of hair.

It is extremely beneficial for smooth, silky and healthy hair.

Vayodha hair care oil usage guidelines:

First Week (Step 1): Wash hair and scalp thoroughly with an Ayurvedic Shampoo,dry the hair,sothat your hair is free of dirt and oil. Then apply Vayodha Hair Care Oil gently on the scalp,leave it for 5 hrs and wash with water. Do not expose to direct sunlight during this period.

Following Weeks(Step 2): Apply Vayodha Hair Care Oil gently on the scalp,leave it for at least half an hour and 5 hrs once in a week and rinse thoroughly with water or as prescribed by the physician.

For Better Results: Repeat step 1 intermittently. Continue to use Vayodha hair care oil for at least three months.

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