A large section of media have been receiving news that Kirkthika Udhaynidhi Stalin's maiden venture "Vanakam Chennai" is based on a 1955 movie "Missiamma". Missiamma was a golden classic from the 50's era and when contacted her about these, the director is said to have denied this profusely.

Being a literature student herself, the director is said to have written various short stories right from her college days and she claims that Vanakam Chennai was her authentic own script which she has been writing it for the last few years. The movie is being produced by Udhaynidhi Stalin 's Red Giants and is a Anirudh musical. The entire team of Vanakam Chennai has dismissed this as a baseless rumor and as scheduled the audio launch of this movie is to take place on July 27. Vanakam Chennai has Shiva and Priyaanand in the lead cast.

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