Not to leave behind in the reel race, Mollywood these days is trying best to be on par with international standards when it comes to on-screen technology. Creature based visual effects movies seem to be the new emerging trend in the regional movies. With Tamil movies like 'Naan E', 'Kumki' and the new release Malayalam movie, 'Crocodile Love Story' the filmmakers seem to have entered a new realm of imagination for fantasy stories.

The creature FX offers new challenges to the visual effects artists in terms of its complexity. When a creature becomes an integral part of a movie it is more important to make it realistic and believable for it to hold the seriousness and take the story along. A well scripted and a technically well-done creature adds a great deal of attraction to the movie and adds a great production value.

During the making of 'Crocodile Love Story' Fat Balloon Studios faced a new challenge while working on the Crocodile. The script needed the Crocodile to be shown in bright day light and without any cover which was a dare as most of even the Hollywood movies do not show creatures in bright day light. It was a bold attempt by the filmmaker and a valiant work by the artists at Fat Balloon Studios.

Said one of technician team member, "The goal was to achieve realism in its look, feel and movement. We had shots in every possible angle of the crocodile and that too in bright day light. The challenge was to make it look lively in every shot and make it not look like CG."

"Our team has already worked on a few similar overseas projects but this movie was more interesting as it's a first regional movie to use a crocodile in such an important role. We studied crocodile motion, crocodile behaviors, walks, runs, attack etc to achieve convincing crocodile motion."

Crocodile Love Story Movie more stills

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