Young music composer Anirudh boldly offered his sincere thanks and apologies to actress-singer Andrea, in a recent television interview. A few months ago, a couple of intimate photos of the composer with Andrea did raging rounds in social networking websites.

Unlike how most would have reacted, trying to hide behind the veil of technological advancement and morphing, Andrea courageously came out in the open, declaring that the photos were clicked way back, putting an end to unwarranted rumours about the two stars. Now citing the chain of events, when asked what he would want to tell Andrea, Anirudh said he wanted to apologise to Andrea for what had happened and thank her for her choice companionship.

Anirudh took the opportunity on screen, to thank Aishwarya Dhanush, Selvaraghavan and other producers and directors to have vested trust in him and given him the chance and stage to showcase his musical genius. Further, he apologised for declining the offer of some filmmakers, owing to his tight schedule.

Anirudh with Andrea More stills

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