With MS Dhoni taking a break, India will see a new captain in Virat Kohli for the five-match ODI series against Zimbabwe. A look at how the young man stacks up against his senior...

In contrast to Dhoni's cool demeanour, Kohli is a lot more demonstrative on the field as a captain. While Dhoni has mastered the art of masking his true emotions, Kohli leaves very little to the imagination with his fiery expressions.

Kohli, at No. 3, is India's game changer. He is the man who gives the innings a sense of direction with his aggressive strokeplay. Dhoni is more like a sponge who soaks in as much pressure as possible before getting India to the target, batting anywhere between 5, 6 or 7.

You can expect Kohli to be a lot more conventional with his captaincy, unlike Dhoni, who like a die-hard gambler backs his natural instincts. The recent Champions Trophy was a good example where Dhoni defied conventional wisdom to land India the trophy.

Dhoni is someone who learned the tricky ropes of captaincy on the job. He was blessed with a multitude of experienced players around him, and their advice helped him to take the Indian cricket to unprecedented heights. Kohli has an idea about leading teams, having lifted the World Cup as the captain of the Indian U-19 team in 2007-08. He can also draw his IPL experiences, where he was involved in close finishes.

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