Just a decade into the industry, already countless number of awards including a National Award, multiple talents, unmatched acting - words fall short to describe Dhanush. As he turns 30 today, here's a run up of the last decade, that transformed not just his life, but also the industry and audience at large. Born to director Kasthuri Raja, the young boy entered the field of acting through his father's 'Thulluvadho Ilamai' in which he was an appealing school kid, given the fact that he had just finished schooling. Soon afterwards, his brother Selva Raghavan persuaded him to act in the critically acclaimed 'Kadhal Konden', which saw rave reviews about how convincing Dhanush was on screen. With merely that movie, he had a strong fan base in the state.

In the years that followed, he had decent hit releases like 'Thiruda Thirudi' (dare to forget the song 'Manmadha Raasa'?), 'Devathayai Kanden', 'Pudhukottaiyilirunthu Saravanan', the critically acclaimed 'Pudhupettai', 'Yaaradi Nee Mohini', 'Polladhavan', 'Thiruvilayadal Aarambam', 'Padikadhavan', 'Maapillai', 'Mayakkam Enna' and many such more. Even as he was shooting, Dhanush somehow knew that 'Aadukalam' will be a turning point in his career and described it as his dream project all through the three years that he was shooting for. And it came out to be fruitful, as the movie won a whooping 8 National Film Awards, making Dhanush the youngest actor to receive the National Award.

The following year, Dhanush turned into a producer in full sway, with Wunderbar Films churning out its first, 'Mayakkam Enna'. Dhanush then turned a lyricist open throttle, penning down all the songs for his following movie '3'; and 'Why This Kolaveri Di' went viral all over the world! Next, he jumped to Bollywood for 'Raanjhnaa' which has grossed the highest profit in recent times, becoming a consistent hit, and the credits go to Dhanush. His appearance in the Mollywood flick 'Kammath & Kammath' is reviewed to be impressive. His latest hit 'Mariyaan' with director Bharat Bala, has taken him to the heights of recognition as one of the best actors that the industry has ever seen.

Despite being a top class actor, singer, lyricist and producer, none of that seems to impact Dhanush. The actor is one of the few in the league, who are keen on providing the limelight to young talents, as is evident from the platform that provided to and trust he vested in composer Anirudh and actor Sivakarthikeyan. Ask him about his success story and he would still claim it feels like dream. It is not just modesty, he simply continues to be unassuming. This is probably why he looks convincing, no matter what role he is cast in. Be it any project that he works on, he gives his best, as if it is his debut project to create an impression. As a sincere husband, loving father, responsible son-in-law (of the Superstar's!) and phenomenal actor-producer-singer-lyricist, yet a modest and humble man turns a year older, we at HostOnNet take pride in wishing Dhanush a very happy birthday!

All you fans out there, take this opportunity to wish Kollywood's favourite star, and tell us what you feel about Dhanush. Post your comments here.

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