Forbes Magazine has named Angelina Jolie, who raked in 21.5 million pounds in 2012, as the highest earning actress in Hollywood.

Jennifer Lawrence took second place on the magazine's 2013 chart with 16.9 million pounds, the Mirror reported.
Kristen Stewart, who ranked first in the magazine's list in 2012, came third with 14.3 million pound earnings.
Forbes' list of top 10 highest-paid actresses in Hollywood:
1. Angelina Jolie (33 million pounds)
2. Jennifer Lawrence (26 million pounds)
3. Kristen Stewart (22 million pounds)
4. Jennifer Aniston (20 million pounds)
5. Emma Stone (16 million pounds)
6. Charlize Theron (15 million pounds)
7. Sandra Bullock (14 million pounds)
8. Natalie Portman (14 million pounds)
9. Mila Kunis (11 million pounds)
10. Julia Roberts (11 million pounds)

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