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Thread: Secrets to be a good mother

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    Default Secrets to be a good mother

    1.Express your affection:
    A small hug, a gentle kiss, a loud appreciation or a simple smile can let your children know how much they are loved and cared for by you. Love them unconditionally.

    Communication is the best way to make the bond between you and your kid strong. Speak in manner that is clear and easy to understand. Take time to listen to your children and share your feelings with them. Express interest when they start a conversation.

    3.Spend time with them:
    If you want to become a good mother, this will be the easy way. Children value your presence, not the presents you give them. If you are a working woman, keep away all excuses and find a generous amount of time to spend with your child.

    4.Be supportive:
    Give them support whenever they require it. Appreciate them proudly for their achievements and comfort them silently in their failure. Give them encouragement to achieve heights in their life.

    5.Be a role model:
    Since the mother is the most important person in the life of a child, it is a golden chance for you to teach them what is good and what is bad. Be consistent in your ideas and try to convey it to them, but do not try force them to think the way you think.

    6.Be patient:
    Take care to let your kids know that they are loved even when you are trying to discipline them. With a kid it is very easy to lose your temper, but be vigilant about not becoming too harsh.

    7.Be responsible:
    Be strong enough to take all the responsibilities that come along with motherhood. Apart from this, it will be good if you can remember special days and dates related to your kid.

    8.Let them understand their mistakes:
    Whenever you find something wrong in their behaviour or actions, donít scold them blindly, first explain to them why it is wrong. That will help them not to repeat it.

    9.Be updated:
    It is not your educational qualification that matters to become a good mother, but your interest in learning and becoming up to date. Instead of asking your child to live the way you have at their age, try to live in the present.

    10.Respect your child:
    Respect the views and opinions of your children. Consider their opinions when taking any family related decisions. Respecting their privacy is very important as this will help increasing their understanding and trust.

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    Valuable Information.Thank you.

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