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Thread: New Car Buying Tips in India

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    Default New Car Buying Tips in India

    Ask yourself

    What kind of a car suits my lifestyle?
    What is my Budget?
    What would be my EMI in case I'm taking a loan?
    Am I looking for a compact car, a sedan, or a sports utility vehicle (SUV)?
    What are the available cars in this segment?
    What are the features I would like to have in my car?
    What is the right insurance option?

    Identify the Car You Want to Buy

    Read market surveys to choose the right car.
    Calculate the amount you will pay for your new vehicle.
    Confirm the prices and locate the dealers.

    Gather Expert Reviews

    Read expert reviews and comments on the vehicle you are buying.
    Do a comparative study with other vehicles to check for added benefits.
    Analyse the engine power, seating capacity, mileage, and other technical specifications.

    Financing, Warranties and Insurance

    Opt for the lowest interest car loan.
    Ask for incentives the manufacturer is offering.
    Inquire about extended warranty or service contract.
    Automobile insurance is a must, review insurance policies from various insurance companies to make the right choice.
    Check with insurance companies before you buy your new vehicle; compare these insurance rates to make the right choice.

    Test Drive the Vehicle

    Analyse and be sure that the vehicle has characteristics that you are looking for.
    Inspect and feel the interiors and exteriors for unsightly gaps.
    Check for ride comfort, noise, power/acceleration, braking and handling.
    Check your vehicle thoroughly before driving it home.

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