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Thread: How to select your life-partner?

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    Default How to select your life-partner?

    How to select your life-partner ?

    Here in this articles I have given you seven amazing tips on how to select your life-partner. You simply have to keep these seven points in your mind when select a life- partner for you. The seven magical ways are read your own mind; know your partner; know your partner's family; start dating; compatibility on everything; no one is perfect; be ready for changes. I am hundred percent sure that all these points will help you to select your life-partner.

    A beautiful journey with your life-partner :

    Chossing a life-partner among thousands of people is not that easy. When you see anyone as your to be future life-partner it instant feel that this might be your right person for life.
    Prefect partner is everybody's dream and I am here to make that dream come true. Lets see all the below points.

    Read your own mind:

    When you are about to start your journey on finding your right life-partner then it is really important to play smart. How will you able to know the other person, if you really don't know your own self. So the very first thing that you are suppose to do is to know exactly who you are. If you are clear with your own thoughts and views about everything; then it will be much more easy for you to choose the person who will give values to your thoughts and way of life. So sit alone and write down all the points which is in your nature and thoughts; then you will be very clear from your side and your choice as well.

    Know your partner:

    You should not think as if you are going to buy your favorite perfume; because even the other person will also have expectation from your as well; so treat him like a complete genuine person and do know everything about him. Try to see what he or she is not able to express in words; if you will notice the person's gestures; then you will know many things about the person. It is very important to Know your life-partner. Whether you like the person or not is the next steps for sure.

    Know your partner's family:

    Many people have a misconception that it is enough to know all about the prospective person rather then knowing his family. But the fact is you have to live with the family as well, you have to spend more the with the family rather then spending time with your life-partner. So if you will agree with my point then the very next thing you show do is get to know every small thing about his family; so that you will know excalty how the person's family system works and if there is any problem then whether the problem is serious or a small one.

    Start dating:

    Once you are clear with your to be life-partner view of life and his family members and if still he is in your list then it is better to spend some quality time with each other. And if your answer is yes for the person, then these meetings will make your relationship stronger and even your thoughts of marrying or being with that person as well. So spend good amount of time with him, but really don't over do it; it can get messing as well.

    No one is perfect:

    In India many people have a superstitious view that their partner should be perfect on everything. But the truth is it can't be. Everyone have have some fault then how can you expect the person to be perfect, you can accept the person if the person have some minor fault; that will not be a big deal.

    Be ready for changes

    When you are going to enter a very new world of marriage and being with the person you have choose then you should know that their will be some changes for you and for your life-partner as well. So just relax and make yourself ready for all the changes that are coming your way. Talk to you person about the expected changes that are going to come after your get married;this way you will be ready for all the changes.

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    I think its too late for me , as i am married for 9 years now!!!!


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    S/he should share the following:

    -religious beliefs
    -political views
    -education level
    -family values

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    Beautiful article on how to select your life partner. Recently I read one good article on Things You Should Discuss Before Marriage. This article also give nice information about marriage.

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