Yet again the 'Fashion' beauty has impressed all with her looks... While Kangana Ranaut took everyone by surprise with her latest avatar in 'Krrish 3', very few know that a lot of effort was put into achieving the desired look for the film.

The body suit that Kangana sports in the film, which audiences managed to catch a glimpse of in the official trailer of 'Krrish 3' was designed by Gavin Miguel. The all-rubber latex body suit, took over 45 days to create for which over 25 sketches were drawn up.

Designer Gavin worked closely with director Rakesh Roshan on the look and design of the outfit that was structured and customized to suit Kangana's body.

If that wasn't all, the actress had to shed over 4 kgs to fit into the suit apart from several oiling sessions to ensure that the body suit allowed her flexibility in her movement.

All praise for Kangana said Gavin, "Latex is very tough to work with especially in a film. Wearing it for long gruelling hours can be stressful and overwhelming. Kangana fought the odds after telling her what she would have to go through for the entire schedule. She was true to her character and bore a lot of hardships in that costume. Coming early on shoots, getting her body fixed in that costume took a clean 2 hrs. And then to be in that with terrible weather conditions. I think she is possibly the only one who could have endured this."

Agreed Kangana, "Sporting such a look has been extremely challenging for me... Apart from being chic and flexible we needed a look that wasn't attempted before in Bollywood. Though a lot of hardwork went behind it, it was all worth it since the feedback has been overwhelming."

Well, this year looks really favourable for Kangana since she has interesting movies lined up that will showcase her acting abilities - namely 'Rajjo', 'Queen', 'Revolver Rani' and 'Ungli', besides 'Krrish 3'.

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