Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone is on a roll these days. Deepika is one such star in the industry, who has achieved a lot at a very young age. Dippy, who is currently basking in the success of her recent release Chennai Express, believes that the Indian society has changed a lot and parents have become more understanding towards their daughters. India have had several cases of inter-caste marriages and honour killings.

According to Deepika Padukone, the Indian society has loosened up a lot towards girls. Talking about the same to a leading daily, Deepika said that girls don't need to elope these days, as the parents have become more understanding towards their daughter's happiness. Click on this to see pictures of Deepika Padukone in Chennai Express. Deepika Talks About Inter-Caste Marriages According to the actress, lifestyles and culture have changed a lot in our country. Hence, girls have become more vocal these days and they are in a better position, says the actress.

"May be that's why girls don't need to elope. Also parents understand it's not about religion, caste, but it's important that their daughter should be happy with whomsoever she wants to be married. Parents opposition might be in India, but its less in today's age in India," Deepika Padukone explains.

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