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Thread: Advantages of being employed

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    Default Advantages of being employed

    1.Talent put to use:
    When you work in the field you love, you get to put your talent to use. Say, graphics is your cup of tea. Pursuing a career as a graphic designer would not only make your work an enjoyable process but will also hone your talent.

    2.Financial independence:
    The first and foremost advantage of being employed is the financial independence that you get. You earn the money, so you can spend it the way you want. No need to ask for pocket money or beg before friends to fund your needs.

    3.Adds to your knowledge:
    When you are employed, you get to learn thousands of new things. If you change workplaces, you get to know new business ideas. Apart from that, you also get to know how different companies work. So, when you plan to quit your job and start your own business, you will be ready for the feat.

    4.Financial security:
    Since employment promises a salary at regular intervals, you feel financially secure. You can spend money according to your whims and fancies and yet, rest assured, you still have money in your pocket. Secondly, you can save money for yourself or for your family.

    5.Professional growth:
    When you are employed for a longer duration, you achieve professional growth. You can reach places in a matter of a few years. This also means you will earn more, save more and, of course, spend more.

    6.Medical benefit:
    In most companies, employees are allowed to opt for a medical insurance whose cost is beared by the company. Imagine, you need a huge sum of money for an emergency operation and you donít have to pay for it. Also, many get paid for the sick leaves that they avail of. Even if your company doesnít pay you a separate amount for your medical insurance, you can always save money for a crisis situation.

    7.Productive use of time:
    When you are employed at a place, you tend to make a productive use of your time. And you get money for it! Itís definitely better than whiling away time at your home or your friendsí place.

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    It helps to increase our knowledge , meeting different people, improve our communication skills and many more.........


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