Actress Alia Bhatt is on a back-to-back movie spree. The actress who made her debut in Student Of The Year has already wrapped up two other films and is now looking forward to Varun Dhawan again. Just like many other Bollywood celebrities, young Alia too follows a strict exercise regime. The 20-year-old says that fitness comes first. The actress works out twice everyday and has been working pretty hard to get into shape. The actress assures us that she does not deprive her body from nutrition. She feels that it's all about having a combination of healthy mind in a healthy body.

Guess What Keeps Alia Bhatt Going? Alia says that her life has been quite hectic off late and if she has free time, her priority would be 'sleep'. She tells us that she enjoys her work. Alia also mentions that her family is what keeps her focused. She said, "My family is my pillar of support. I do take advice from my parents about my career whenever I need it. At the same time, I would like to Learn from my own mistakes. There's no bigger high than making it big on your own." Of course, we have Alia talking about Karan Johar, who she adores.

She calls him her mentor. She said, "I fall back on him for almost everything. I feel lucky to have a great guide like him in the industry so early in my career. He's someone I have complete faith in. I am eagerly looking forward to working with him once again in my upcoming film. It will be fun."

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