The 'Dabbang' actress Sonakshi Sinha who is flying with the rainbow colours after her critical acclaimed film 'Lootera' is here with her latest romantic gangster saga 'Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobara'. We got candid with this beautiful lady about her latest release.

What kind of response you are getting from your friends and family as the promos are out?

I am very happy as the promo and songs are getting appreciated. It feels good when you work so hard on something and people appreciate that.

Chennai Express did so much business so how does you see this as a competition for your film?

I always wish that every film does well. It's a very good sign for the industry. It is unfair to compare because in this month. 8 films released on the same day but nobody compared that; then why they are comparing ours when it is releasing a week later. So we are not concern about other films. Whatever we are doing is for our film. What other film is doing good or bad it doesn't matter to us. We hope and pray that it do well.

You are being called "100cr Queen" how you take this tag?

I don't take it. Today it is 100cr later it will be 200, 300, and 400 crore but basically it is a good business. 100 cr doesn't come in my pocket but it goes to producer's pocket. It is a good sign for the industry that the films are doing so well. Of course there are relative factors like the screens have increased, rates have being increased. For the success of any film lot of things taken in account.

Till date only male actors were in 100 cr club but you are the only girl in 100 cr club it seems and many producers' takes you as a lucky charm? What you have to say about that?

Not lucky charm but there is connect with the market. People enjoy watching my films and I am happy for that. Hard work is very much involved it is not just luck. When I choose a film I choose with the prospective of the audience that will I go and spend money on this film. Whether I would like to spend 2-3hrs of my life on this film. So far touch wood I made good choices.

At this point of you career are you ready to do experiments?

I just did Lootera. My first love will always be a commercial cinema. I love to watch such films and I am not apologetic about being a part of it. I love singing and dancing. It's a part of me. When the Lootera came it was once in a life time role which I couldn't say no to. Here I got to showcase a lot my acting in the film like Lootera. I took it up as a challenge. If films come along which challenge me as a person I will take it up.

What kind of challenge you faced in this role?

I am happy that this film is a follow up after a film like Lootera. It's a powerful role. It is a love triangle between two men and I am the only woman. They both are fighting for my affection. The challenge was to create a success chemistry with Imran's character and with Akshay's character. I can't share the same thing with both because they both are very different people.

How was working with the Imran for the first time?

Very nice. I did a photo shoot with Imran 2 years back. After that we never interacted but we met here and truly he is a genuine guy. He is so honest and professional and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Vidya Balan did a role like Dirty Picture. Will you do such bold roles if offered?

No I am not comfortable with such roles. I will not be able to do it. I like to do films which I can watch with my family.

There being reports that you will quit acting after marriage?

I want to enjoy my married life. I want to chill. I want to relax. I am not thinking of marriage now. But the profession I am in is very hectic. So after marriage I want to give all my time to my husband and I want his all time.

Now you are star, so how things have changed at your house?

I am still treated as a small girl in my house. I am very thankful for it because lot of people carried away with the success. I am very thankful of my parents that they treat me the same way the way they treated me before I was an actor. It really helped me to stay grounded. I had a very protective life. I think my parents have given me enough space to do the kind of films I want to do. Of course they keep guiding me throughout my way.

How does your father see your success and do you consult your parents or keep them in your mind before signing any movie?

Any dad will be happy. In fact I have not received any script which was offensive or I should have to think what mom dad will think. I think everybody knows that I do family films. I am not comfortable with certain film so I am not being offered only anything out of my comfort zone.

Like your other contemporary actresses who are in news for their relationship with their co stars but we have never seen any link ups stories with your co-stars?

Because I will never let that happened. I just keep my working business. I don't go to parties neither you will see me in events. I go only when it is required. I am very private person. I am very homely person. Frankly speaking there is no time. Every year I have 4-5 releases. What should I do beyond that time? I am very happy that I am spoken only about my works.

Are your co stars scared of your dad?

No. In fact they love my dad. Whenever they have the opportunity to meet my parents I have seen that they become very fond of them.

You have worked with both generations the 40 plus actors and the younger generation. With whom you are more comfortable?

I don't see age before acting. I feel comfortable with everybody because you need to form a proper professional repo with be the actor, director, producers. I have a very nice repo with everyone I worked with. I have a very cordial relationship with everyone.

How your parent takes your stardom now?

Still today if I wake up late my mom will shout at me. If my room is messy she will shout at me. Nothing has changed. They are very proud of every film I did. My mom will tell her friends and my dad when he travels and when he comes home he says that a fan clicked a picture with me because I am Sonakshi Sinha's father.

Rakhi is around the corner how is your relation with your brothers'?

My brothers studied in boarding school and I was at home. Every year I make sure I sent them rakhi. Whenever they are at home it used to be special. They were twin terror.

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