1.We were wrestling, your Dad and I:
If your kids ever walk in on you having sex, tell them that you were just wrestling with their dad and you were naked because you were looking for injuries.

2.Santa is real:
This is one lie you definitely should tell your kids. For this will make them believe in all things magical, and you can always use Santa to make them behave. When he finds out the truth, he would be able to look back with fond memories.

3.That red liquid is a medicine:
If you love your kids and want to keep them off alcohol as long as possible, lie to them and tell them that itís a medicine that only grown-ups can consume.

4.You are going to be the President some day:
Not everyone can be the President, and yet almost every
parent tells this lie to their kids and they should. Even though it is a lie, it holds in it immense power as it sends out the message that you love them greatly and have full faith in them. You believe in them to make the world a better place to live in.

5.Love conquers all:
It is a lie because even though love is a major force in life, and makes the world go round and it is like fulfilling the soul, love still cannot feed you, bathe you, or clothe you! But it is a good lie that you should tell your kids, so that they develop a positive outlook towards life, and realize human presence is much greater than any material thing.

6.If you wonít eat your vegetables, you will end up homeless:
Sometimes, you have to lie because you cannot do anything else to get your loved ones to do something that lies in the absolute white area of being the right thing to do.

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