Sonakshi Sinha has been having back-to back hits in the Box office. With many movies falling under the hundred crore bracket, she tells us that this is a sign of good business. Sonakshi also says that it's not just luck that has taken her places but she has put in hard work. The actress feels happy that she is part of good films. "It's a trend today everyone is talking about Rs.100 crore. Tomorrow it will be Rs.200 crore, Rs.300 crore. It's a sign of good business, but Rs.100 crore doesn't come into my pocket. It is going to the producer's pocket. If films are doing so well, lots of factors are to be taken into account," she said. Why Is Sonakshi Sinha Happy? Sonakshi feels that she connects well with the audiences. "People enjoy watching me. I am happy for that. There is a lot of hard work put into it and it's not just about luck.

I do films from audience's perspective. So far, touch wood, I have been part of good films," said Sonakshi who recently had a release titled Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara. Click here to see the review of OUATIMD Even after all the stardom, Sonkshi feels that she has not changed as a person. "A lot of people can get carried away in their life with the success, but I am still the same way," she expressed. The 26-year-old is still a little girl for her parents and she is happy about that. "I have always had a sheltered and protective life, but they (family members) have given enough space for myself and have guided me all the time. My deadline is always 1.30 a.m. I am still treated like a little girl in my house and I am thankful about that," she said. "There is still no change in their behaviour today.

If I wake up late or my bedroom is messed up, my mother shouts at me. It's really amazing they don't treat me like a star," she added. Sonakshi also reveals that her first love will always be commercial cinema because those are the kinds of films that she would love to watch as an audience. The actress says that she loves singing and dancing on screen. However, the actress is up for films that challenge her. She said, "When a film like Lootera came, it's like once in your lifetime you get such a role. It showcases a lot more aspect of acting; so I took it as a challenge. If a film like that comes along and challenges me as a person, I will take it up." Speaking about tying the knot, Sonakshi said, "I want to enjoy my life and relax. I want to chill. I don't know I am not thinking of marriage now, but the profession I am in; it's too hectic. So I want to give all my time to my husband after marriage and I want all his time."

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