After a lot of controversies and havoc, the movie Kalimannu is now ready for its release. The movie is getting released tomorrow. Ace director Blessy has directed this movie. Kalimannu tells the story of the bondage between an expecting mother and her unborn baby. The movie portrays the eventful life of Meera which is played by Shweta Menon.

Meera is a club dancer who aspires to be an actress. The film unravels the drama in her life as she becomes an item dancer, actress and an expecting mother. The highlight of the movie is that Shweta Menon's delivery was shot live on camera for the film. Much controversies evoked after this news came out.

People even spoke against the screening of the film and claimed that either the film should be banned or the delivery scene should be removed before screening. Blessy, the director of the film claimed that he had never disclosed what is shot in the film and that he does not understand what makes people think such weird things. To one's surprise Kalimannu bagged a U/A certificate. Now the movie will hit the screen tomorrow and it will answer all the controversial questions that sprouted out in recent times. Stay tuned to Oneindia to get the latest Kalimannu Review.

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