Ekta Kapoor is very miffed with Shahrukh Khan these days and she holds Shahrukh responsible for the poor Box-Office response of her recently released film Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara. It was reported earlier that it was Ekta Kapoor who first announced that she will release Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara on Eid but after few months it was revealed that Shahrukh Khan and Rohit Shetty will also release Chennai Express on Eid.

Later, Shahrukh asked Ekta's father Jeetendra to postpone the Akshay Kumar starer to 15 August. Ekta Kapoor agreed to reschedule OUATIMD but on a condition. According to a leading daily, Ekta was promised by the production house that they will withdraw Chennai Express on August 15 to make way for OUATIMD in at least 2000 halls across the country. But later the producers changed their mind as Chennai Express is still doing very good Business at the Box-Office.

It is also been said that Shahrukh Khan was the one who told the producers not to make way for OUATIMD. Talking about Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara, a source told a daily "If UTV had lived up to its promise, OUATIMD could have raked in about Rs 10 crore more on its opening day which in turn might have had a Domino effect on its subsequent collections."

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