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Thread: Hi everyboy

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    Default Hi everyboy

    My name is Rony. I'm form Israel, and I'm 21 years old. Recently I finished my service in the Israeli army - the IDF. Now I'm looking for a job to use my free time until I begin studying.
    I hope to find a job as a website creator, because I know HTML for several years. Hope I'd succeed in it.

    I wanted to post a website that I created a few years ago, so I looked for a free hosting service... I found - but they demanded me to publish 2 topics at the forum.

    So here it is - My first message here.

    Bye :)

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    Default The second post!

    As I wrote, I'm supposed to post at least 2 messages in order to be able to activate my account at
    I don't know if a reply to my own message will count. Hope it will...

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    Hello All.


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