There are many advantages and disadvantages of computer graphics. The main drawback is the speed at which technology progresses. Since the advent of the digital computer, processing power has advanced according to Moore's Law. Moore's Law states that the processing power of the average household computer roughly doubles every two years.

This means that a person who buys a computer today would have spent only half as much on the same machine two years down the line. It is more a reference to the number of transistors which one can inexpensively place on a motherboard. Now that science is approaching the limit of silicon transistor size, there is a need for a transition to carbon nano-tube technology or quantum computing. Compared to console graphics, computers graphics are far superior.

This is not necessarily due to the quality of the graphics card itself but rather the other components as well. Consoles are manufactured for a certain demographics and come with set hardware, which may act as the bottleneck to greater performance. For example, one sees a better increase in performance with the same graphics card and 8 GB or RAM, compared to 4GB or RAM.

It is for this reason customization is a staunch advantage to computer graphics. In addition, one can overclock their computer, provided they have adequate cooling. This causes the processor to complete more calculations per second and can greatly increase the performance of a computer. Computers are able to put this processing and GPU power towards a great deal of applications, including movies and video games.

In terms of video games, many PC games have user modifiable setting that alter the graphics of the game. This allows an individual to strike the perfect balance between graphics and performance based on the specifications of their machine.

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