1.Walking in the rain:
One of the best and fun ways to lose weight through walking is to simply walk in the rain. However, to keep away from monsoon sickness, make sure to cover yourself with a rain coat.

2.The errand walk:
The best ways to lose weight through walking is to do your errands. You can try this method . Instead of walking to lose that extra flab, trying brisk walking once in a week to do your errands. You can either go to the ATM, post office or the supermarket which is the best, since there are a number of aisles for you to visit.

3.Family bond walk:
Whether you are tired or not from a hard dayís work, spending time with the family is important. One of the best ways to spend quality time with your teenage daughter is to walk with her. This form of exercise will be good for your health as well as for your relationship.

4.Iíll meet you there:
This type of walk to help you lose weight is the best. But, to follow this routine is to have a update time schedule to follow. All you need to do is instead of driving to meet your partner at the market leave a little early and go on foot to meet him there. You can always get a ride back home through public transport. In this way, you will have a certain objective in mind that you need to meet your partner and thus you will venture out walking.

5.Minute walks:
During the day, it is always best to take a small 15 minute walk. This mini walk will help you to lose weight and will be a health benefit to avoid stress.

6.Change routes:
The best way to lose weight through walking is simple. But when the route you take becomes boring, take the reverse road. Do not take the occasional route. Fresh directions are good for good.

7.Emotional walks:
When you are angry with your spouse and want some space, take a brisk walk. This will not only allow you to clear your mind and settle down but will also help you to lose weight walking.

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