Bollywood's hottest married couple Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor's no onscreen kissing policy is known to all. Hence, a possessive Chhoti Begum Kareena wants hubby Saif to abide by this rule and has reportedly restricted him from kissing onscreen for an upcoming movie. As per a leading daily, a while ago, when a filmmaker was narrating an upcoming film's script to Saif Ali Khan, his wife Kareena Kapoor too was present at the spot.

Reportedly, the script had a kissing scene in it, that would require Saif to liplock with the movie's lead actress, who is certainly not Kareena Kapoor. It is said that Kareena was not happy about her hubby kissing some other women onscreen hence, she immediately expressed her disapproval over this.

The daily reported that Kareena Kapoor intervened and said that she doesnot do onscreen kissing scenes any longer, hence Saif too needs to stay away from such scenes. Saif Ali Khan further approved wife's concern and reportedly, requested the writer to remove the scenes from the film. A while ago, Kareena had abided by this rule after she allegedly refused to liplock Emraan Hashmi in their upcoming flick.

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