The Arabs have a unique way of ensuring that there are no rape cases in the country - the accused is humiliated and punished in public. That is precisely what Kollywood wants for the Indian criminals too. After the recent Mumbai rape incident, once again there is unrest all over the country. Voicing their views on the injustice, here's what the K-town says.

In Saudi Arabia, rape convicts are punished in public. I believe this system must be incorporated in our country too. It will create fear among those who dare to commit the crime, thereby putting an end to rapes.

Trisha: Such brutality as rape can be stopped only with a powerful judicial system. Our government must follow the Arabs in order to curb such injustice to women.

Bindu Madhavi: Such rape cases are not mere incidents that happened in Mumbai and Delhi. It is a threat to the women folk of the entire nation. Rape must be considered as a crime at par with terrorism and immediate punishment must be given to the culprits.

Hansika: Rape cases are a huge shame to our country. I am highly disappointed by such news and I urge that quick justice be provided on such issues.

Aishwarya Dhanush: I am deeply saddened on hearing the news of the unjust incident. I pray for the speedy recovery of the victim as well as her family.

Kajal Aggarwal: I am shocked, saddened and infuriated by the recent Mumbai rape case. We were supposed to learn from the Delhi case, weren't we? The kind of society we live in is disgusting - beastly! I hope the five criminals are given to serve the most severe punishment ever and made into a public spectacle full of humiliation.

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