In the world of showbiz, link-up rumours are not a new thing. Celebrities often get used to rumours and over time they stop caring about what appears in the media. However, we have actress Parineeti Chopra , who is not going to take such link-ups lightly. Rumours have been making rounds that Parineeti is in a secret relationship with director Maneesh Sharma. Parineeti, who was introduced into the film industry by Maneesh with the film Ladies vs Ricky Bahl seemed quite upset about this.

She said, "Earlier, I used to take it lightly, but when people started writing too many stuff, I got angry, especially about Maneesh." Parineeti Chopra On Her Link-Up Rumours The 24-year-old actress says that she respects Maneesh for changing her life but there is nothing more to it. "I am an actress because of him and my feelings toward Maneesh is like too much love and respect for him because he changed my life," said Parineeti. Parineeti reveals that she and Maneesh laugh over such link-up reports."I feel very bad when people say 'she got a break because they are in a relationship'. It's like linking me with my mentor. Maneesh is my friend, so I can call him and say it's a crap article and we laugh over it.

Even my family laughs over it as they know me very well," she explained. The actress is quite relieved that she has not been linked with any of her co-stars. "I was never really linked with my co-stars thankfully. Arjun Kapoor is my closest friend and so is Siddarth Malhotra and as far as Sushant Singh Rajput is concerned he is already booked." The actress is looking forward to her next film Shuddh Desi Romance in which she is cast opposite Sushant Singh Rajput. The film will hit the theatres on September 6 this year. Do come back for latest updates of Shuddh Desi romance.

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