Banking customers complaining about failed ATM transactions may be entitled to request for CCTV footage without any hassle, which will facilitate fast resolution of complaints, banking ombudsman said on Thursday.

"With a view to facilitate faster resolution of complaints regarding failed ATM transactions, it has been decided in consultation with National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) that complaints may be entitled to request for CCTV footage camera image relevant to complaint from acquirer bank (whose ATM is used), banking ombudsman (Chandigarh) RK Sood said here.

"Customers can say to banks that I want to see the CCTV footage with regard to his ATM complaint and the footage will be shown to him," he said, adding that it would ensure speedy redressal of complaints.

Accordingly, the customer complaint form will be modified in due course to make this provision an integral part of the complaint form, he said.

He said NPCI had already advised all member banks of National Financial Switch to make provision for customer complaint form.

"The complaint form for the use of customers is finalized by Indian Banks Association which will get modified in due course so that the provision of asking CCTV recording becomes a part of the complaint form," said Sood.

Currently, many banks refuse to provide CCTV image of ATMs deliberately, asking customers to approach the police first. If police asks banks then the CCTV image will be given to customers, banks tell customers.

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