Bollywood's talented actor-filmmaker Farhan Akhtar talks about a solution that may help reduce the number of rape cases in India. After the recent incident of the rape of a photo journalist, many celebs have been speaking about the Unsafe Mumbai. Earlier this year, Farhan Akhtar launched campaign called Men Against Rape and Discrimination (MARD) and he now believes that the concept of fast-track courts must live up to its name.

The courts seem to be taking their own sweet time and this is of no help, thereby Farhan thinks that granting speedy justice to victims of rape is the basic task of the fast-track courts. Farhan Akhtar's Reaction To Recent Rape Case The actor feels this change will make a huge difference in the crime against women. "I feel that the fact that cases can go on for so long, emboldens people. I feel the concept of fast-track courts, which really hasn't come into effect the way we hoped it would.

If that can happen, it will probably make a serious difference," said Farhan Akhtar. The actor made these statements in reaction to the recent rape case in Mumbai. "Right now the rate of conviction is very low and that is because of the process of judiciary moving really slow," the 39-year-old said. "I think a certain degree of fear factor in the mind of somebody who is a potential offender is important. There has to be respect for law, there also has to be fear that 'I will get caught'," Farhan added.

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