1.Donít touch your pet very often: It is difficult as a pet lover but still you can give it a try for the sake of your pet. Donít touch your pet very often as it gives a mental stimulation to your pet which is exhausting for them. Hence, touching your pet too often can make your pet sick.

2.Spend time with your pet:
Every pet is a social animal therefore they require a great deal of interaction and talk with the owner. You can spend time with your pet talking. Though pet canít speak any human language but they definitely respond to your interaction. This interaction technique makes your pet healthy. Hence, spending quality time with your pets can make them happy and increase their lifespan.

3.Protect your pet from parasite:
Parasitic attack is very common problem specially in dogs, cats and rabbit. Hence, parasitic management is very important for pet lovers. Parasites like fleas, ticks, heartworms can cause minor discomfort to life-threatening illness in your pet. Therefore, you must take proper measures to protect your pet from parasites. The measure that you can take in this regard is, bathe your pet regularly and also comb his cot well. If you see any type of parasite on the body of your pet then take him to a veterinary doctor immediately.

4.Give your pet roughage diet:
It is always advisable for pet lovers to give nutritious food to their pets. A balanced diet for pets is the one that has high fiber content. Fiber helps in formation of roughage, which is very healthy for the digestive tract of your pet.

5.Clean urine and feces ASAP:
If your pet is not well-trained to urinate outside the home then you have to take care to clean the mess ASAP. If you donít clean the feces immediately then there are chances that your pet will mess it even more. This will make your pet susceptible to various infections and can make him sick too. To cut the chances of infections and increase the lifespan of your pet, you can use vinegar to clean the urine. Many a times, your petsí urine has calcium. So, when the urine dries up it leaves a chalky substance as residue which is difficult to clean. This residue can also become a source for many harmful bacteria.

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