The BCCI in all likelihood will impose a life ban on former IPL commissioner and its vice-president Lalit Modi at a Special General Meeting (SGM) to be convened in Chennai on September 25.

A senior BCCI official has informed that the contents of the exhaustive report filed by disciplinary committee comprising of Jyotiraditya Scindia and Arun Jaitley was discussed at the Working Committee meeting in Kolkata on Sunday.

"The committee's report has suggested imposing a life ban on Lalit Modi. To decide on his fate, a special general body meeting has been summoned in Chennai on September 25 to decide on the issue. As of now, the life ban looks imminent," the official said.

To impose a life ban on Modi, the BCCI will need a two-third majority at the SGM, which means a minimum of 21 members will have to vote in favour of the ban.

Modi was the IPL chairman-cum-commissioner during the first three editions but was suspended immediately after the closing ceremony in 2010, on charges of financial irregularities in running of the league as well as improper practices during auction of two new teams before the third edition.

During the suspension, a three-member disciplinary committee comprising of political heavyweights Scindia and Jaitley along with president Srinivasan was formed. But Srinivasan recused himself and the erstwhile IPL chairman Chirayu Amin was made a member. But subsequently Amin also recused himself and it became a two-member committee.

However by the time, Jaitley, who looked after the legal part and Scindia, who looked on the charges of impropreity, submitted an exhaustive 400-page report, Srinivasan had stepped aside from discharging his functions.

If the Supreme Court hearing on September 11 turns out to be a favourable one, Srinivasan will be chairing the SGM.

"The SGM on September 25 will also serve a dual purpose-- it will be a dress rehearsal for the AGM on September 29. The equations will become clear that day," the official added.

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