1.Standing Forward Bend:
Uttansana or the standing forward bend is very useful for making your entire body flexible. This yoga asana works on your back and abdominal muscles.

2.Downward Facing Dog:
For this asana you have to push your legs back and bend forward making a hill-like shape with your torso. This flexibility exercise stretches your calves, hamstring and neck muscles. It also strengthens your arms.

3.Boat Pose:
For this asana, you have to sit and hold up your legs in the position of a boat. This pose helps you flex your abs, strengthens your spinal cord and also works on your hips.

4.Chair Pose:
This pose is most beneficial for your ankles. You have to hold your body upright by bending your legs at the knees. This allows your calves and ankles to get stronger.

5.Crescent Lunge:
In the crescent lunge, you are expected to step forward and raise your arms to form a crescent moon shape. This helps you to loosen up your hips and also makes your arms more flexible.

6.Monkey Pose Or Hanumanasna:
The monkey pose is basically doing leg splits on the floor. This makes your groin muscles and thighs very flexible.

7.Warrior Pose:
In the warrior pose, you are stretching both your legs and arms. This yoga asana makes both your limbs much more flexible.

8.Bridge Pose:
In the bridge pose you are raising your body to form a human bridge. This works on your neck and chest muscles particularly.

9.Bow Pose:
In the bow pose, you lie on your stomach and then hold your legs with your hands. This allows your thighs and shoulders muscles to be flexed.

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