Arikil Oraal is a much hyped movie directed by Sunil Ibrahim owing for its cast. Starring Indrajith, Nivin Pauly and Remya Nambeesan in the lead, the movie was in news for many reasons. The movie hit the theaters last Friday (30 August) and is claimed to be an average flick. MD Siddharth is an Ad director. He comes from Bangalore to Kochi and joins in a new office as a creative designer, where Aarathi is the head. He has a girlfriend Veena, who also lives in Kochi with her friends.

She is a trained classical dancer. She has a good friend named Icha, who is a waiter in cafe. Veena introduces Icha to her boyfriend Siddharth. Finding it not affordable to stay alone in Kochi, Siddharth plans to share the room with Icha. But later on, some extra-ordinary behavoiur of Icha makes Siddharth doubts him.

To his surprise, Siddharth finds that Icha is not a single person and that Icha can be visible at two places simulataneously. A lot of incidents happen which makes him and Veena realise the truth that Icha is not a single person. They take the help of a psychologist Sudheer Bose. The intriguing scenes that follows form the rest of the story.

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