Bollywood's multi-talented star Priyanka Chopra has been racing ahead internationally and now she praises the pop star-cum-actress Beyonce Knowles. Piggy Chops thinks that Beyonce balances everything in life. "I admire Beyonce a lot because she is an amazing performer and more than anything, she balances her personal and professional life very well," Priyanka said here.

"She has a child, and at the same time, her professional life also, which is amazing. That's the kind of a person I would like to be - who can balance both personal and professional life together," she added. Priyanka Chopra Admires Beyonce Priyanka, who is charting her own singing career after becoming a successful actress, says it was her late father, who always wanted her to be a singer. The 31-year-old has already launched two international singles - 'In my city' and 'Exotic'. We recently heard from her cousin Parineeti Chopra that Priyanka is not even trained for singing and yet she has turned out so great.

"In the beginning of my career, I never knew acting. I have learnt everything in my career itself. When you have gone to acting school, when you are in the film industry, there is some familiarity, but I didn't have these familiarities." "So it took some time and when I reached somewhere, I got this opportunity of music and that time I was little more comfortable in films and my dad really wanted me to do it," Priyanka added.

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