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Thread: Best plants for a balcony garden

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    Default Best plants for a balcony garden

    Basil is a quick growing plant but if it is pruned properly, its growth can be restricted to the appropriate limit of a potted plant.

    2.Boston Fern:
    The Boston fern is a miniature variety of fern. This variety of fern grows like a shrub and that is ideally suited for a potted plant.

    Roses are versatile plants that can grow both indoors and outdoors. Winters are the best time for the blooming of roses. Make sure they get at least a few hours of sunlight every day.

    4.English Ivy:
    The English ivy is a fast growing climbing pant. But you can easily plant it in a plastic container and then hang it. The ivy will spread across the walls and add lots of green foliage to your balcony.

    5.Peace Lily:
    Peace lilies are typically indoor plants. But if you have a very shady spot in your balcony, you can keep your potted peace lily there. Just make sure it is away from direct sunlight all the time.

    6.Spider Plant:
    Spider plants make great potted plants due to their texture. You can easily keep then in hanging containers or use them as foliage plants in your balcony garden.

    Azaleas are flowering bushes. They can grow into very bushy shrubs. However, if they are well pruned, they make great bottled plants. Azaleas can tolerate moderate sunlight.

    Coleus is a very attractive looking plant as its leaves are shaded. It comes in shades of red, white and green. Coleus plants do not grow very tall and they are easy to maintain potted plants.

    Columbine is a plant that has whistle shaped flowers. They are medium sized shrubs and can be easily planted in containers.

    Bamboo is probably the most versatile plants in the world. It can tolerate harsh sunlight and also sustain in low light. Potted bamboo plants tend to grow tall depending on how much sunlight they get.

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    I have set up three money plants in my balcony garden...because my grandpa says me it's too beneficial for us & also for home..So I have planted!!

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    I wish to give colours and flowers to my Entrance area but there is no sun shine seen there, Can you suggest some tips and ideas on that

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